The Tenth Doctor and Eighth Doctor action figures, coming soon

Character Options has announced their next batch of Doctor Who products, with four new sets going on sale in August 2022.

These action figures are available from B&M in the UK in August 2022.

Each new addition to this line forms part of the 5.5” figure range and features new decoration as well as multiple points of articulation. 

Here’s what to look out for, with details behind each of them:

The Tenth Doctor Set

Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor Collector Figure Set

In this set, there are three all-new variants of the Tenth Doctor. The first figure depicted is the Tenth Doctor in his slightly brighter blue two-piece suit, pale blue shirt and burgundy tie from The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith parts one and two. The second figure is based on this same story but sees the Doctor wearing his iconic long duster style overcoat. The final figure of the Tenth Doctor is inspired by the comic book series The Tenth Doctor Adventures. This figure has a particularly ‘ragged’ look, with dirtied blue shirt, tie worn askew, and lower forearms exposed.

The Eighth Doctor Set

Doctor Who The Eighth Doctor Collector Figure Set Group

Fans first encountered the Eighth Doctor back in 1989 after a failed mission to transport the remains of the Master back to Gallifrey. In this three-figure set, he is depicted in all his screen seen outfits from his adventures but with updated decoration. 

The first figure is inspired by The TV Movie, with the Eighth Doctor, in an updated version of the costume worn after he regenerated. The second figure depicts the Doctor in his dark blue leather pea coat and jeans from his audio adventures. The decoration has been revised and, for the first time, this figure also has the brown satchel. The final figure in this set is taken from The Night of the Doctor, the minisode where he sported a worn green overcoat, ruffled tie, bronze waistcoat, and US Army Cavalry boots. This outfit corresponds with his overall weary appearance during the Time War.

History of the Daleks 9 - ‘Planet of the Daleks’

Doctor Who History of the Daleks Planet of the Daleks set

This duo of Dalek figures set is based on the Third Doctor’s battle with his greatest nemesis, on the planet Spiridon. The first Dalek figure from this set is the Supreme Dalek from this story. This was a redressed ‘movie’ style prop but with some unconventional changes to its overall appearance. Nevertheless, finished in a gold and black colour scheme, and towering over the BBC props it was visually stunning and has remained a fan-favourite despite its limited screen-time. The second figure is the ‘Invisible Dalek’ from the story and is fully representative of a transparent Dalek!

History of the Daleks 10 - ‘Death to the Daleks’

Death to the Daleks

The second History of the Daleks Set features two Daleks from the Third Doctor’s final encounter on-screen with these foes. The TARDIS suffers a complete energy drain and crash lands on the planet Exxilon and, for this story, a visually impressive, but sadly never seen again, silver and matt black livery was chosen to revive the ‘60s feel’ of the props. The first Dalek figure in the set is the ‘unofficial’ leader from this story, and sports orange-tinted dome lights, as well as having the special ‘machine gun’ style weapon, whereas Dalek figure two has clear dome lights and the standard exterminator gun. 

Al Dewar Creative Director commented: “I think and hope the fans and collectors will really like these new sets. We have really spent time updating the look of the figures to make them different. The Eighth Doctor set, especially the TV Movie and Night of the Doctor figures are a real delight and have a much more sophisticated look, befitting a modern action figure. I think they are the best yet. The Tenth Doctor sets have a very different and fresh feel and come with two never released variants. The Dalek sets not only feature new packaging, but we have finally brought to the fans the Dalek Supreme and a fully transparent Dalek from Planet of the Daleks, and the Death to the Daleks set is also very close to my heart!”

These action figures are available from B&M in the UK from August 2022.

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