Movie | EP 1

The Movie

Written by Matthew Jacobs

"Grace, this is a type 40 TARDIS, able to take you to any planet in the universe and to any date in that planet's existence."

Episode Title Premiere Date
The Movie 27/05/1996

Whilst returning the Master's remains to their home planet of Gallifrey, the Doctor crash lands the TARDIS on Earth in San Francisco in the year 1999. Gunned down by a street gang, the Doctor is rushed to hospital, where exploratory surgery by Dr Grace Holloway triggers a regeneration into the Eighth Doctor. Meanwhile, the Master has taken over the body of a paramedic and infiltrated the TARDIS, which he plans to use in his latest scheme to take over the Doctor's new body and destroy the world.

Cast and Crew

The Doctor: Paul McGann

The "Old Doctor": Sylvester McCoy

Bruce/The Master: Eric Roberts

Grace Holloway: Daphne Ashbrook

Chang Lee: Yee Jee Tso

Salinger: John Novak

Dr. Swift: Michael David Simms

Wheeler: Catherine Lough

Curtis: Dolores Drake

Pete: Will Sasso

Gareth: Jeremy Radick

Miranda: Eliza Roberts

Motorcycle policeman: Bill Croft

Professor Wagg: Dave Hurtubise

Ted: Joel Wirkunnen

Security Guard: Dee Jay Jackson

The "Old Master": Gordon Tipple

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