Grace Holloway

Played by Daphne Ashbrook

"We've already taken out all the bullets, and now we're going to listen to your heart, find out why it's so wild, and then I'm going to fix it"

First Regular Appearance
The Movie

Leaving the hospital, she encountered a confused, much younger man, with the same probe in his chest. Eventually believing that he was an alien who could change his face, she aided the newly regenerated Eighth Doctor against the Master, helping to “jump-start” the TARDIS and roll back the effects of the open Eye of Harmony. Sharing a kiss with him at the turn of the millennium, she declined the offer to join his travels, instead inviting him to stay with her.Eminent cardiologist, Dr Grace Holloway's life changed forever when she lost a surgical probe in a man's chest during a routine procedure, causing his death. Remaining adamant that his cardiovascular system was not normal she resigned from her post.

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