Doctor Who


Graham O'Brien

Bradley Walsh | 2018 – present

Graham is a funny, charming and cheeky chap from Essex – he’s a family man and an ex-bus driver, with a sharp sense of humour and a caring, warm nature.

He moved from Essex to Sheffield to live with the love of his life, his wife Grace. While Grace is more brave and outgoing, Graham tends to hang back, asking practical questions and being a bit more cautious.

But when the Doctor crash-lands into their lives one rainy night, Graham has no choice but to throw himself into the adventure! He soon steps up to the challenge, helping his new friends to save the day in any way he can – using his approachable nature to get gossip from the local bus drivers, for a start.

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Series 11 Trailer #2

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Series 11 Trailer

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Series 11 Teaser

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