Mrs Flood

Played by Anita Dobson

"Never seen a TARDIS before?"

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Church on Ruby Road -

Ruby Sunday’s elderly neighbour Mrs Flood takes pride in two things: her physical fitness, and her knowledge of the goings-on in the neighbourhood. So when a large police box appears in the middle of the street (and then disappears), she takes it upon herself to spend Christmas Eve camped out on the doorstep, to find out more about the apparating box of tricks and the charming stranger inside. And when Ruby dashes out on the street to find said stranger, Mrs Flood is there to point her in the right direction and warmly wish her luck.

The kindly neighbour may not be all that she seems, however – as not only does Mrs Flood appear to actually have prior knowledge of what a TARDIS is, but she also possesses an unnerving ability to break the fourth wall…

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