Kerblam! Man

"If you want it, Kerblam it!"

First Regular Appearance

When the Doctor received a Kerblam package containing a note asking for help, she and her friends Graham, Ryan and Yaz went to the warehouse to work undercover. 90% of the Kerblam workforce there was robotic. Some of the warehouse robots were called ‘Teammates’ who supported the ‘organic’ (human) workers. And some of those human workers had been going missing…The Postmen (or ‘The Kerblam Man’ as the Thirteenth Doctor likes to call them!), are delivery bots employed by the company Kerblam, the biggest retailer in the galaxy. These smiley robots have cameras in their eyes and can teleport from their huge warehouse built on a moon of the planet Kandoka to deliver packages to Kandoka’s citizens.

The Doctor and her friends uncovered a sinister plot devised by young cleaner Charlie, who had assembled an army of the Postmen robots and set them to deliver explosive bubble wrap to customers back on Kandoka. Thankfully, the Doctor was able to foil his plans and make the robots open the packages and pop the bubble wrap, destroying themselves and sadly taking Charlie with them.

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