Clara Oswald

Played by Jenna Coleman

"We've got enough warriors. Any old idiot can be a hero. Do you've always done: Be a Doctor."

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Snowmen Hell Bent

Uniquely, Clara has met every incarnation of the Doctor so far. Upon jumping into his time stream she came into contact with his various regenerations. Not long after the Coal Hill School teacher zoomed off to join the Eleventh and Tenth Doctors in a team-up with The War Doctor.That impossible girl. In Victorian London, there’s “sweet little Clara” from the Rose & Crown, who’s also an upright children’s governess. In the far-flung future, Oswin Oswald, the shipwrecked Junior Entertainments Manager from Starship Alaska, in reality a human-Dalek conversion refusing to accept her fate. Identical women, worlds and times apart, impossibly giving the Doctor the same message.

A trip to Trenzalore resulted in a regeneration for her Doctor and an abrupt introduction to his successor. Their relationship proved to be frosty, at times, initially but after meetings with Daleks, Robin Hood, Cybermen, the mischievous Missy, deadly Dream Crabs, and even Santa Claus!, the two became firm friends once more.

Along the way, Clara befriended colleague Danny Pink and the couple became more than just friends. Although she tried to keep the Doctor out of other lives, this proved impossible. Sadly, Danny was killed but managed to help save the world from a Cyberman invasion.

Missy was to return to haunt Clara and dragged her to Skaro and after having her body print utilised by rogue Zygons, the teacher met her end in a Trap Street, mayored by the immortal Ashildr. However, despite the Raven seemingly killing the Doctor’s companion, the Time Lords brought her back to life which lead to Clara travelling off in space and time with the aforementioned Ashildr in their very own TARDIS!

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