Played by Maisie Williams

"Ten thousand hours is all it takes to master any skill. Over a hundred thousand hours and you're the best there's ever been. I don't need to be indestructible, I'm superb."

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Girl Who Died Hell Bent

Originally a farmer’s daughter in a 9th Century Viking village, Ashildr helped the Doctor defeat the invading Mire warriors by using the technology in one of their helmets to create a terrifying hologram of her dragon puppet. She died in the process but on Clara’s urging, the Twelfth Doctor used a Mire repair kit to bring her back to life. The side effect was that she effectively became immortal.

800 years later, the Doctor encountered her as a “highwayman” and calling herself “Me”. After helping her foil an alien invasion of Earth, she vowed to keep watch over his Friends through the centuries. Later, as Mayor of an alien refugee camp in London, Me conspired with the Time Lords to trap the Doctor. Unfortunately, the plan went wrong and Clara died as a consequence. The Doctor and Clara tried to cheat her death but at the end of time itself, they encountered Ashildr who had become the last being in existence.

All of the Doctor’s memories of Clara were eventually erased and Clara and Ashildr set off to Gallifrey, using another TARDIS, to accept her fate. However, they decided to go the long way round, allowing them adventures of their own.

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