"The mighty armies of the Mire. Brutal, sadistic, undefeated. Even I believed the stories. But after today, no one will again. An army like yours, it lives or dies on its reputation, its story. And today, you were sent packing by a handful of farmers and fisherman"

First Regular Appearance
The Girl Who Died

Renowned and feared, the Mire have the reputation of being one of the deadliest warrior races in the galaxy. Their heavy armour give them the appearance of large, powerful, metal robots. Inside, their heads resemble a sea lamprey but with row upon row of sharp teeth. They gather technology from defeated armies and liquefy the bodies of the vanquished to extract testosterone and adrenaline to make what Clara once called ‘warrior juice’.

Kidnapped by Vikings in the 9th Century, the Twelfth Doctor first encountered the Mire when a giant face in the clouds, claiming to be Odin, teleported five warriors into the village. The Doctor set a trap, captured one of the Mire helmets and gave it to a village girl, Ashildr. She manipulated the technology to visually project her sea-monster puppet attacking all of the Mire to scare them off.

When they fled in terror, the Mire’s deadly reputation was exposed. It became clear they only battle with weak opponents to ensure their victories. The Doctor threatened to upload a recording of this humiliation to the Galactic Hub if they persist in such uneven attacks in the future.

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