Amy Pond

Played by Karen Gillan

"So is this how it works, Doctor? You never interfere in the affairs of other peoples or planets, unless there's children crying?"

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Eleventh Hour The Angels Take Manhattan 

Seven-year-old Amelia Pond is visited one night by a mad man in a box who eats fish fingers and custard, and who examines the frightening crack in her wall. She waits for him to return. For twelve years. When the “raggedy man” came back, Amy embarked on a series of adventures with him, on the eve of her wedding to Rory Williams. The couple later travelled together, got married – an event the Doctor attended only after Amy remembered him back into existence – and had a daughter, Melody.

In Amy’s own words, she went to sea and fought pirates, fell in love with a man who waited 2000 years to keep her safe, gave hope to Vincent van Gogh, and saved a whale in outer space. Touched by a Weeping Angel, Amy was catapulted back to 1938, where she lived a happy life with Rory and adopted a son.

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