Series 06 | EP 3

The Curse of the Black Spot

Written by Steve Thompson

"It's dangerous here. There is a monster aboard. She leaves a mark on men's skin."

Episode Title Premiere Date
The Curse of the Black Spot  07/05/2011

The TARDIS is marooned on board a seventeenth-century pirate-ship whose crew are being lured to their death by a beautiful Siren. When the Captain's son is taken, the implacable pirate must place his life in the Doctor's hands and with him, take an extraordinary leap of faith.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Matt Smith

Amy Pond: Karen Gillan

Rory: Arthur Darvill

Avery: Hugh Bonneville

Toby: Oscar Lloyd

Boatswain: Lee Ross

Mulligan: Michael Begley

DeFlorres: Tony Lucken

Dancer: Chris Jarman

McGrath: Carl McCrystal

Sea Siren: Lily Cole

Writer: Steve Thompson

Producer: Marcus Wilson

Director: Jeremy Webb


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