Series 05 | EP 4

The Time of Angels

Written by Steven Moffat

"If you're smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there is one thing you never, ever put in a trap."

Episode Title Premiere Date
The Time of Angels  24/04/2010

Don't blink — the Weeping Angels return! The Doctor is recruited by Father Octavian to track the last of the Angels through the terrifying Maze of the Dead. And the mysterious River Song is back in the Doctor's life — but can he trust her?

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Matt Smith

Amy Pond: Karen Gillan

River Song: Alex Kingston

Alistair: Simon Dutton

Security Guard: Mike Skinner

Octavian: Iain Glen

Christian: Mark Springer

Angelo: Troy Glasgow

Bob: David Atkins

Marco: Darren Morfitt

Writer: Steven Moffat

Producer: Tracie Simpson

Director: Adam Smith


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