Season 04 | EP 5

The Underwater Menace

Written by Geoffrey Orme

"Just one small question: Why do you want to blow up the world?"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 14/01/1967
Episode 2 21/01/1967
Episode 3 28/01/1967
Episode 4 04/02/1967

The TARDIS lands in the lost city of Atlantis, where the crazed Professor Zaroff has convinced the Atlanteans that he can raise their city from beneath the sea. But the Doctor discovers the terrible truth behind Zaroff's plan — he intends to destroy the entire planet. With the doomsday clock ticking, the Doctor and his companions must battle to prevent the apocalypse...

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Patrick Troughton

Ben Jackson: Michael Craze

Polly Wright: Anneke Wills

Jamie McCrimmon: Frazer Hines

Professor Zaroff: Joseph Fürst

Damon: Colin Jeavons

Ramo: Tom Watson

Producer: Innes Lloyd

Director: Julia Smith

Scriptwriter: Geoffrey Orme

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