Season 04 | EP 4

The Highlanders

Written by Elwyn Jones and Gerry Davis

"That is my prescription. Ignore it at your peril."

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 17/12/1966
Episode 2 24/12/1966
Episode 3 31/12/1966
Episode 4 07/01/1967

Scotland, 1745. The Doctor, Ben and Polly arrive in Scotland after the Battle of Culloden and meet a band of Highlanders who are fleeing in defeat. Their Laird is injured and the three offer to help tend his injuries. Polly and Kirsty McLaren, the Laird's daughter, go to fetch some water but whilst they are gone the others are captured by Redcoat troops. Things become worse when the group is taken again — this time by the crooked Solicitor Grey, who is part of the West Indian slave trade. The prisoners, Ben amongst them, are bundled on board the Annabelle where the wicked Captain Trask issues dire threats of drowning. Meanwhile the Doctor is on dry land confusing all and sundry in a variety of disguises. However, his bumbling manner hides a sharp brain and eventually he, Polly and Ben are reunited in the TARDIS together with young piper Jamie McCrimmon, who went on to become one of the most popular companions of the series.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Patrick Troughton

Ben Jackson: Michael Craze

Polly Wright: Anneke Wills

Jamie McCrimmon: Frazer Hines

The Laird: Donald Bisset

Kirsty McLaren: Hannah Gordon

Lieutenant Algernon Ffinch: Michael Elwyn

Perkins: Sydney Arnold

Producer: Innes Lloyd

Director: Hugh David

Scriptwriter: Elwyn Jones and Gerry Davis

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