Season 16 (The Key to Time) | EP 3

The Stones of Blood

Written by David Fisher

"Beware the raven or the crow, Doctor. They are her eyes"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 28/10/1978
Episode 2 04/11/1978
Episode 3 11/11/1978
Episode 4 18/11/1978

The search for the third segment of the Key to Time leads the Doctor, Romana and K-9 to Boscombe Moor on Earth in the late 20th century. Here they encounter Professor Amelia Rumford and Vivien Fay, who are surveying an ancient stone circle called the Nine Travellers. What is the link between an ancient Celtic goddess, an alien criminal and a transporter ship concealed in hyperspace? And can the Doctor escape the Druidic sacrifice of blood to uncover the mystery of the moving stones?

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Tom Baker

Romana: Mary Tamm

K9 (voice): John Leeson

Professor Rumford: Beatrix Lehmann

Vivien Fay: Susan Engel

De Vries: Nicholas McArdle

Martha: Elaine Ives-Cameron

The Megara (voices): Gerald Cross, David McAlister

Producer: Graham Williams

Director: Darrol Blake

Scriptwriter: David Fisher

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