Season 16 (The Key to Time) | EP 5

The Power of Kroll

Written by Robert Holmes

"Well, I've had a happy life. Can't complain. Nearly seven hundred and sixty. Not a bad age"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 23/12/1978
Episode 2 30/12/1978
Episode 3 06/01/1979
Episode 4 13/01/1979

Searching for the fifth segment of the Key to Time, the tracer leads the TARDIS to treacherous swamps on the third moon of the planet Delta Magna. The Doctor and Romana soon uncover a plot to wipe out the Swampies, the local inhabitants, by the duplicitous crew of a gas refinery. Meanwhile, a massive creature is stirring beneath the waters, and the primitive Swampies believe the only way to calm the powerful monster is human sacrifice.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Tom Baker

Romana: Mary Tamm

Thawn: Neil McCarthy

Ranquin: John Abineri

Fenner: Philip Madoc

Rohm-Dutt: Glyn Owen

Dugeen: John Leeson

Producer: Graham Williams

Director: Norman Stewart

Scriptwriter: Robert Holmes

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