Season 22 | EP 3

The Mark of the Rani

Written by Pip and Jane Baker

"My dear Rani, quite unwittingly you've made my triumph utterly complete. Allow me to introduce the Doctor's latest travelling companion, Miss Perpugilliam Brown, although her travelling days will soon be over"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 02/02/1985
Episode 2 09/02/1985

Drawn off course en route for Kew Gardens, the TARDIS materialises in the mining village of Killingworth in the early 19th Century, and the Doctor and Peri find themselves in the midst of a Luddite rebellion. Why are peaceful men resorting to mindless violence, and why is the Master intent on sabotaging the Industrial Revolution? In order to safeguard Earth's future, the Doctor must defeat the combined forces of two rogue Time Lords from his own past...

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Colin Baker

Peri Brown: Nicola Bryant

The Master: Anthony Ainley

The Rani: Kate O'Mara

Lord Ravensworth: Terence Alexander

George Stephenson: Gawn Grainger

Luke Ward: Gary Cady

Producer: John Nathan-Turner

Director: Sarah Hellings

Scriptwriter: Pip and Jane Baker

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