Season 21 | EP 6

The Caves of Androzani

Written by Robert Holmes

"They can have all the Spectrox they want when I have the head of Morgus here at my feet. I want the head of that perfidious, treacherous degenerate brought to me here, congealed in its own evil blood"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 08/03/1984
Episode 2 09/03/1984
Episode 3 15/03/1984
Episode 4 16/03/1984

Arriving on the barren world of Androzani Minor, the Doctor and Peri find themselves embroiled in a long-running underground war. Military troops mount an armed blockade whilst gunrunners bring in weapons for the sinister, masked renegade, Sharaz Jek. Meanwhile, lethal androids guard the caves, and a deadly creature lurks in the shadows, killing all in its path. At the heart of the conflict is a substance called Spectrox — the deadliest and most valuable item in the universe! The very presence of the Doctor and Peri on Androzani sets in motion a chain of events that will have dramatic consequences for everyone involved. As the situation gets even more desperate, the Doctor realises time is running out — for both Peri and himself. Will the Doctor make the ultimate sacrifice to save his young friend's life...?

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Peter Davison

The Doctor: Colin Baker

Peri Brown: Nicola Bryant

Sharaz Jek: Christopher Gable

Morgus: John Normington

Salateen: Robert Glenister

Stotz: Maurice Roëves

Krelper: Roy Holder

Timmin: Barbara Kinghorn

President: David Neal

Producer: John Nathan-Turner

Director: Graeme Harper

Scriptwriter: Robert Holmes

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