Season 21 | EP 4

Resurrection of the Daleks

Written by Eric Saward

"So, they have returned to their creator. Like an errant child, they have come home once more, but this time they will not abuse me. This time, I shall take my rightful place as their Supreme Being, and under my control, the Daleks shall once more become triumphant!"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 08/02/1984
Episode 2 15/02/1984

Earth, 1984: The TARDIS becomes trapped in a Time Corridor and is drawn off course, emerging in London's deserted docklands. Meanwhile, in deep space of the far future, a prison ship comes under attack from unknown forces. Two seemingly unconnected events — both linked by one terrible purpose. The Daleks are back, and once again they are in search of their evil creator, Davros...

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Peter Davison

Tegan Jovanka: Janet Fielding

Vislor Turlough: Mark Strickson

Davros: Terry Molloy

Lytton: Maurice Colbourne

Styles: Rula Lenska

Stien: Rodney Bewes

Colonel Archer: Del Henney

Professor Sarah Laird: Chloe Ashcroft

Kiston: Leslie Grantham

Daleks (voices): Brian Miller, Royce Mills

Producer: John Nathan-Turner

Director: Matthew Robinson

Scriptwriter: Eric Saward

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