Season 17 | EP 6


Written by Douglas Adams

"Doctor, you will give to me everything that you have in your mind. Your mind shall be mine"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 - 6 Not broadcast

Chris Parsons finds an old book in an ageing professor's library. He soon finds himself aboard an invisible spaceship, chased by monsters made of molten rock, and attacked by mind-control zombies. Chris also meets a strange man with a very long scarf who claims he can travel through time and space... in a police box.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Tom Baker

Romana: Lalla Ward

K9 (voice): David Brierly

Skagra: Christopher Neame

Chris Parsons: Daniel Hill

Professor Chronotis: Denis Carey

Clare Keightley: Victoria Burgoyne

The Ship (voice): Shirley Dixon

The Krargs (voices): James Coombes

Producer: Graham Williams

Director: Pennant Roberts

Scriptwriter: Douglas Adams

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