The Thirteenth Doctor and Yaz action figures, coming soon

Character Options has announced their next batch of Doctor Who products, with five new sets going on sale in November 2022.

These action figures are available from B&M in the UK in November 2022.

Each new addition to this line forms part of the 5.5” figure range and features new decoration as well as multiple points of articulation. 

Here’s what to look out for, with details behind each of them:

The Thirteenth Doctor Set

Doctor Who Character Options Thirteenth Doctor set

This Action figure Set includes the Thirteenth Doctor in her inverse Flux outfit from Once, Upon Time, a ‘TV transmitted’ Weeping Angel (with alternate heads in the assortment) from Village of the Angels, and Yasmin Khan with alternate head and updated deco.

The Ninth Doctor Set

Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor Collector Figure Set

This Action figure Set includes the Ninth Doctor (as the TARDIS Emergency Hologram) from The Parting of the Ways, the Ninth Doctor with updated head, jacket and new deco, and Rose Tyler from Series 1, with updated deco. 


The First Doctor and Electronic TARDIS Set

Doctor Who The First Doctor and Electronic TARDIS Character Set

This "rather unique" set includes the First Doctor as portrayed by David Bradley in Twice Upon a Time, and a decorated electronic TARDIS toy with sound and lights.


History of the Daleks 11 - 'Genesis of the Daleks'

Doctor Who History of the Daleks #11 Collector Figure Set

The Dalek figures here represent two of the four Daleks used in Genesis of the Daleks. It might be expected that a story concerning the origins of the Daleks would mean that they would be refurbished to match that of the original 60’s Daleks, however because this story was so drastically different, and set in an unending war zone, the Daleks were a shiny gunmetal grey. This was in keeping with the militaristic tones of the story. Although it is one of the simpler colour schemes in the Dalek’s history, the Genesis Daleks have gone on to be one of the most iconic.

History of the Daleks Set 12 - 'Destiny of the Daleks'

 Doctor Who History of the Daleks #12 Collector Figure Set

These Dalek figures represent two used in Destiny of the Daleks. As part of the 17th season of Doctor Who, the BBC’s Visual Effects Department found a very battered collection of Daleks at their disposal. New and old prop parts were mixed freely. Of the props assembled, the lead Dalek was the only one to retain its dark grey Genesis style finish, whereas the others were painted a battleship blue along with mismatched parts picked out in gloss black and silver. All the Daleks were given new eyestalks.

Add to this, by now very ‘worn’ appearance, the props arguably look like the remnants of a Dalek army very much on the back foot in an intergalactic war!

Special Release: 'The Creation of the Daleks' Collector Set

Doctor Who Creation of the Dalek Collector Figures Set

The final item and ‘Special Release’ set for this year is also tied to the 1975 story Genesis of the Daleks, and features a different Dalek prop and an iconic moment from the story. This set includes: a ‘Prototype’ and Leader Dalek A plus accessories, plus a Davros action figure as portrayed by Michael Wisher.

This set is inspired by two of the most iconic moments of Genesis of the Daleks. The first is when the lone ‘original prototype’ Mark 3 Travel Machine, later destined to be renamed as a Dalek, is being tested out in the wasteland by its creator Davros. In this scene the Dalek is furnished with its means to interact with its surroundings via its new manipulator arm and focused energy weapon.

The second is when later we see a repeat of this moment in front of the Kaled Scientific Elite, when the weapon with its powerpack attached is placed into the Dalek casing. Moment later when given full autonomy to act, it decides to try and make the Fourth Doctor its very first victim. This Dalek is easy to spot as during its time on screen; it is usually the leader and sports a distinctive bronze gun arm swivel ball. Also in this set is a re-release of the Davros figure with updated paint deco and still featuring the pop open panel on his Dalek-style chair base.


These action figures are available from B&M in the UK from November 2022.

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