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Catherine Tate | 2006 – 2010

A temp from West London, Donna found herself transported aboard the TARDIS as she was walking down the aisle on her wedding day. Fortunately, the Doctor saved her from marrying Lance – who’d made a deal with the Empress of the Racnoss. Despite turning down the Doctor’s offer to travel with him, she began investigating possible alien incursions, in the hope she’d meet him again. When they were reunited at Adipose Industries, she took up the offer to travel in the TARDIS - visiting Pompeii, meeting Agatha Christie and helping thwart the Sontarans. When the Doctor was exterminated by a Dalek and began regenerating he funneled the energy into his spare hand. When Donna touched this, it provoked a ‘metacrisis’, where she acquired all of the Doctor’s knowledge. Although this was essential in stopping Davros, it started to destroy Donna’s body. The Doctor was forced to wipe her mind and return her to Sylvia and Wilf. He later bought Donna and new husband Shaun a winning lottery ticket.

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