Joseph Williamson

Played by Steve Oram

"All our fears made true. All is porous. All is broken. I must retrace. There's so much work to be done."

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Halloween Apocalypse The Vanquishers

Joseph Williamson met the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends just as the Flux began to rip its way across the universe. A gruff and ill-tempered philanthropist living in 19th-century Liverpool, Williamson’s building projects led him to discover a network of gateways to different points in time and space underneath Liverpool. By walking through these, he ran into Yaz in the Temple of Atropos and Dan and Jericho on an ocean liner in 1904, amongst other locations. Eventually he would team up with the Doctor and friends to save Earth from the Sontarans and the universe from the Flux, utilising his strange tunnel network in the process.

Nicknamed ‘the Mad Mole of Edge Hill’ in his own time, people did not understand why Williamson was so intent on digging his tunnels. It would seem that he was simply trying to help save humanity from the oncoming danger it faced. ‘Williamson Tunnels’ still exist in 21st-century Liverpool, and can be visited to this day.

He returned to his own time, knowing that his much-derided and dedicated work had been worthwhile.

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