Doctor Who


The War Games

Written by Terrance Dicks and Malcolm Hulke
Story 50 | Season 06

Doctor Who
Episode TitlePremiere Date
Episode 118/04/1969
Episode 225/04/1969
Episode 302/05/1969
Episode 409/05/1969
Episode 516/05/1969
Episode 623/05/1969
Episode 730/05/1969
Episode 806/06/1969
Episode 913/06/1969
Episode 1020/06/1969

The TARDIS has materialised in a world of trench warfare, barbed wire and poison gas: the Western front, 1917. In the chaos and paranoia of the First World War, the Doctor and his companions are separated from their ship, captured and court-martialled. The death sentence swiftly pronounced. But all is not as it seems. As the Doctor finds himself increasingly out of his depth and facing impossible odds, the only solution is the truly unthinkable. He must seek help from those he most fears - his own people, the Time Lords...


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