Season 01 | EP 7

The Sensorites

Written by Peter R. Newman

"It all started out as a mild curiosity in a junkyard, and now it's turned out to be quite a great spirit of adventure."

Episode Title Premiere Date
The Strangers In Space 20/06/1964
The Unwilling Warriors 27/06/1964
Hidden Danger 11/07/1964
A Race Against Death 18/07/1964
Kidnap 25/07/1964
A Desperate Venture 01/08/1964

The Doctor and his companions land on a spaceship orbiting a distant and mysterious world, where a human crew lie frozen somewhere between life and death. The planet is the Sense-Sphere, home of the Sensorites, beings of immense intelligence and power. Unable to leave, the Doctor and his companions must deduce the Sensorites' intentions: are they friendly, hostile, or frightened? And what is the deadly secret at the heart of the Sense-Sphere?

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: William Hartnell

Susan Foreman: Carole Ann Ford

Barbara Wright: Jacqueline Hill

Ian Chesterton: William Russell

John: Stephen Dartnell

Carol: Ilona Rodgers

Maitland: Lorne Cossette

First Sensorite: Ken Tyllsen

Producer: Verity Lambert

Director: Mervyn Pinfield, Frank Cox 

Scriptwriter: Peter R. Newman


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