Series 03 | EP 6

The Lazarus Experiment

Written by Stephen Greenhorn

"Avoiding death, that's being human. It's our strongest impulse, to cling to life with every fibre of being."

Episode Title Premiere Date
The Lazarus Experiment  05/05/2007

Martha returns home, but has to save her family from the schemes of the monstrous Professor Lazarus and his genetic manipulation device.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: David Tennant

Martha Jones: Freema Agyeman

Lazarus: Mark Gatiss

Leo Jones: Reggie Yates

Tish Jones: Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Francine Jones: Adjoa Andoh

Writer: Stephen Greenhorn

Olive Woman: Lucy O'Connell

Director: Richard Clark

Lady Thaw: Thelma Barlow

Producer: Phil Collinson

Mysterious Man: Bertie Carvel



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