Season 14 | EP 2

The Hand of Fear

Written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin

"I've received the call. And as a Time Lord, I must obey."

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 02/10/1976
Episode 2 09/10/1976
Episode 3 16/10/1976
Episode 4 23/10/1976

The Doctor and Sarah are plunged into danger as soon as they step from the TARDIS. They arrive in a quarry rigged with explosives, and the blast leaves Sarah unconscious in the rubble, and clutching a fossilised stone hand. What strange power does it have over her?

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Tom Baker

Sarah Jane Smith: Elisabeth Sladen

Dr. Carter: Rex Robinson

King Rokon: Roy Skelton

Professor Watson: Glyn Houston

Eldrad: Judith Paris

Kastrian Eldrad: Stephen Thorne

Producer: Philip Hinchcliffe

Director: Lennie Mayne

Scriptwriters: Bob Baker and Dave Martin

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