Season 25 | EP 4

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Written by Stephen Wyatt

"Okay, you win, junk box. I'm not scared of anything..."

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 14/12/1988
Episode 2 21/12/1988
Episode 3 28/12/1988
Episode 4 04/01/1989

Although Ace hates clowns, the Doctor decides to take his companion to the Psychic Circus on the planet Segonax. There they find a group of scared performers who live in fear of the sinister and creepy Chief Clown. But what is so dangerous about this particular circus, why is there such a small audience and will Ace be able to overcome her fear before it's too late?

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Sylvester McCoy

Ace: Sophie Aldred

Captain Cook: T. P. McKenna

Mags: Jessica Martin

Ringmaster: Ricco Ross

Chief Clown: Ian Reddington

Stallslady: Peggy Mount

Whizz Kid: Gian Sammarco

Nord: Daniel Peacock

Bellboy: Christopher Guard

Deadbeat: Chris Jury

Flowerchild: Dee Sadler

Bus Conductor: Dean Hollingsworth

Producer: John Nathan-Turner

Director: Alan Wareing

Scriptwriter: Stephen Wyatt

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