Doctor Who


The Eaters of Light

Written by Rona Munro
Story 274 | Series 10

Doctor Who, Series 10
Episode TitlePremiere Date
The Eaters of Light16/06/2017

A hunt for the lost Ninth Roman Legion leads the Doctor, Bill and Nardole into the middle of an ancient battle that could cast humanity into the dark forever. What is inside the cairn? And how far will they have to go defeat the terrifying alien Eaters of Light?

You understand the universe, you see it and you grasp it, but you've never learned to hear the music.

The Twelfth Doctor


Trapping the Monster


The DoctorPeter Capaldi
BillPearl Mackie
NardoleMatt Lucas
MissyMichelle Gomez
KarRebecca Benson
BanDaniel Kerr
LuciusBrian Vernel
SimonRohan Nedd
ThraciusBen Hunter
VitusSam Adewunmi
CorneliusBilly Matthews
MarcusAaron Phagura
JudyJocelyn Brassington
BrotherLewis McGowan
DirectorCharles Palmer
ProducerNikki Wilson
Executive ProducerBrian Minchin
Executive ProducerSteven Moffat
WriterRona Munro
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