Season 11 | EP 5

Planet of the Spiders

Written by Robert Sloman

"Is that fear I can feel in your mind? You are not accustomed to feeling frightened, are you, Doctor? You are very wise to be afraid of me"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 04/05/1974
Episode 2 11/05/1974
Episode 3 18/05/1974
Episode 4 25/05/1974
Episode 5 01/06/1974
Episode 6 08/06/1974

At a Tibetan retreat in the English countryside, a group of men are using ancient meditation rituals to tap into a mysterious alien power. They unwittingly create a bridgehead between Earth and Metebelis 3, a planet where the "Two Legs" are oppressed by giant spiders. The creatures are desperate to recover the blue jewel that the Doctor gave to Jo Grant as a wedding gift. Now the Doctor must risk everything and return to Metebelis 3 to face the awesome power of The Great One, who plans to use the crystal to enslave all of human kind.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Jon Pertwee

Sarah Jane Smith: Elisabeth Sladen

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart: Nicholas Courtney

Mike Yates: Richard Franklin

Sergeant Benton: John Levene

Lupton: John Dearth

Cho Je: Kevin Lindsay

Tommy: John Kane

Arak: Gareth Hunt

Neska: Jenny Laird

K'anpo: George Cormack

Spiders (voices): Ysanne Churchman, Kismet Delgado, Maureen Morris

Producer: Barry Letts

Director: Barry Letts

Scriptwriter: Robert Sloman

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