Specials 2008 - 2010 | EP 2

Planet of the Dead

Written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts

"Christina, who's going so far away, and yet scared by the sound of a siren. Who are you?"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Planet of the Dead  11/04/2009

While investigating a wormhole in London, the Doctor meets Lady Christina de Souza and they are both accidentally transported in a red London bus along with the other passengers to a desert planet which was destroyed by metallic sting ray-like aliens that travel between planets via wormholes.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: David Tennant

Christina: Michelle Ryan

Malcolm: Lee Evans

Capt Magambo: Noma Dumezweni

DI McMillan: Adam James

Sgt Dennison: Glenn Doherty

Angela: Victoria Alcock

Nathan: David Ames

Carmen: Ellen Thomas

Lou: Reginald Tsiboe

Barclay: Daniel Kaluuya

Bus Driver: Keith Parry

Sgt Ian Jenner: James Layton

Sorvin: Paul Kasey

Praygat: Ruari Mears

Writer: Russell T Davies

Writer: Gareth Roberts

Producer: Tracie Simpson

Director: James Strong


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