Season 13 | EP 2

Planet of Evil

Written by Louis Marks

"From the beginning of time, it has existed side by side with the known universe. Each is the antithesis of the other. You call it 'nothing', a word to cover ignorance, then centuries ago scientists invented another word for it. Anti-matter..."

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 27/09/1975
Episode 2 04/10/1975
Episode 3 11/10/1975
Episode 4 18/10/1975

The Doctor and Sarah answer an intergalactic distress call that takes them to a far-flung planet at the edge of the known universe — Zeta Minor. Arriving at the same time as a rescue team, they search for survivors of an earlier expedition. But will anyone be allowed to leave the planet alive....?

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Tom Baker

Sarah Jane Smith: Elisabeth Sladen

Vishinsky: Ewen Solon

Sorenson: Frederick Jaeger

Salamar: Prentis Hancock

Morelli: Michael Wisher

Ponti: Louis Mahoney

Producer: Philip Hinchcliffe

Director: David Maloney

Scriptwriter: Louis Marks

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