Doctor Who


Marco Polo

Written by John Lucarotti
Story 4 | Season 01

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Episode TitlePremiere Date
The Roof Of The World22/02/1964
The Singing Sands29/02/1964
Five Hundred Eyes07/03/1964
The Wall of Lies14/03/1964
Rider From Shang-Tu21/03/1964
Mighty Kublai Khan28/03/1964
Assassin at Peking04/04/1964

The TARDIS materialises at the Roof of the World, Central Asia, in 1289. There they meet Marco Polo and his fellow travellers, on their mammoth journey across the Pamir Plateau and through the Gobi desert to Peking. Unfortunately for the Doctor, his Ship proves to be of immense interest to Polo, who sets his mind on presenting it to the mighty Kublai Khan on arrival at his court. But Polo isn't the only one with designs on the TARDIS. The war-like Tegana will go to any lengths to steal the magical blue box - lengths which endanger the lives of all the travellers. When the Doctor meets Kublai Khan himself, his precious ship is his only collateral in a high-stakes game of backgammon - and Khan is a master of the game...

We're always in trouble! Isn't this extraordinary - it follows us everywhere!

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