Doctor Who


Empress of Mars

Written by Mark Gatiss
Story 274 | Series 10

Doctor Who, Series 10
Episode TitlePremiere Date
Empress of Mars09/06/2017

'God save the Queen' has been scrawled on the surface of Mars. What are Victorians doing on the home of the Ice Warriors? And what will they find beneath the Martian soil?

An ancient reptilian race. They built themselves a sort of bio-mechanical armour for protection. The creature within is at one with its carapace. The Ice Warriors. They could build a city under the sand, yet drench the snows of Mars with innocent blood. They could slaughter whole civilisations, yet weep at the crushing of a flower.

The Twelfth Doctor


The Ice Queen


The DoctorPeter Capaldi
BillPearl Mackie
NardoleMatt Lucas
MissyMichelle Gomez
GodsacreAnthony Calf
CatchloveFerdinand Kingsley
FridayRichard Ashton
IraxxaAdele Lynch
Sergeant Major PeachGlenn Speers
JackdawIan Beattie
VinceyBayo Gbadamosi
KnibbsIan Hughes
CoolidgeLesley Ewen
DirectorWayne Yip
ProducerNikki Wilson
WriterMark Gatiss
Executive ProducerBrian Minchin
Executive ProducerSteven Moffat
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