Doctor Who


An Unearthly Child

Written by Anthony Coburn
Story 1 | Season 01

Doctor Who
Episode TitlePremiere Date
An Unearthly Child23/11/1963
The Cave Of Skulls30/11/1963
The Forest Of Fear07/12/1963
The Firemaker14/12/1963

At Coal Hill School, teachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright have concerns about pupil Susan Foreman, who has an alien outlook on England. When the teachers visit her address to investigate, they encounter a police box and hear Susan's voice inside. An old man arrives, but refuses to let the teachers inside the police box. They force their way inside to find Susan in a futuristic control room that is larger than the police box exterior. Susan explains that the object is a time and space machine called the TARDIS and the old man is her grandfather.

Have you ever thought what it's like to be wanderers in the Fourth Dimension? Have you? To be exiles? Susan and I are cut off from our own planet - without friends or protection. But one day we shall get back. Yes, one day.

The First Doctor


The First Doctor Enters the TARDIS

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