AI am the Doctor

By Mario A. Mentasti
Doctor Who: Lost in Time (East Side Games)

Doom relentlessly pursues her mission to locate the Doctor, but fate leads her to an extraordinary encounter on a besieged Space Station. In this mechanical haven, populated solely by robots, she unexpectedly crosses paths with the Doctor and K-9 amidst a chaotic onslaught launched by marauding pirates.

Story Hour Release date
AI am the Doctor 1000 27/07/2023

This story takes place at 1000 of Doom's Day.

The story is set in the mobile game DOCTOR WHO: LOST IN TIME, an idle game where you explore time and space collecting energy to save the universe. Available now to download for free.

AI Am the Doctor

I placed the ad, mistress. I thought it could help.

Writer Mario A. Mentasti
Publisher East Side Games
AI am the Doctor


AI am the Doctor

Doom meets K9 in this mobile adventure...

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