How to Play 'Doctor Who: Lost in Time'

Fans of the Doctor can now face familiar enemies in classic locations while exploring new stories with Doctor Who: Lost in Time, an official mobile game.  

This game invites players to bring together companions and characters from the show in this narrative-driven title, now available on iOS and Android. Doctor Who: Lost in Time is free to download, giving you an opportunity to explore the world of Doctor Who in the palm of your hands.

What do we do in the game?

Taking inspiration from the series, Doctor Who: Lost in Time is an idle game where you explore time and space collecting energy to save the universe. 

Uncover a conspiracy trying to destroy the Doctor and embark on an original story involving several Doctors and companions through classic locations, facing infamous enemies with new plots.

Visit locations like Gallifrey, Skaro and Atlantis as you gather the resources needed to foil the plans of a gallery of villains, including the Cybermen, Daleks, the Sea Devils and many more. There are many familiar faces to encounter as you travel, collecting the cards of all the incarnations of the Doctor and their companions. 

Players will also build and manage Waypoints connecting different versions of the TARDIS across the whole of time and space, all while being ready to jump into the TARDIS at any given moment!

Doctor Who: Lost in Time

What type of game is it?

Doctor Who: Lost in Time is the first idle Doctor Who mobile game. This means that when players hit certain milestones, they can see their game progress even when they have to step away from their device. 

Actively play, let it run in the background or continuously check in to collect the maximum rewards, this game lets the player choose how they engage. 

Join in the idle game fun where you collect cards and characters to save the universe. Play while you're away and become a true Time Lord.

How often should I play?

Players who return to the game daily to collect rewards and maximize opportunities to receive powerful bonuses will see the greatest results as they help the Doctor embark on great adventures.

Players can engage in fantastic weekly events that take them to new locations in the universe - these will offer the player a chance to win and add different Doctors from the TV series to their collection. These new characters can be used in the main game and are the ultimate prize for fans!

Download and play Doctor Who: Lost in Time now.

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