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Writer Jamie Mathieson worried new Doctor Who ep was ‘too political’

By Cameron K McEwan

Doctor Who: The Fan Show – The Aftershow has been speaking to writer Jamie Mathieson about his latest Series 10 episode, Oxygen.

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Mathieson, who also penned 2014’s Mummy On The Orient Express amongst others, was joined on the show by Oxygen stars Mimi Ndiweni (Abby) and Kieran Bew (Ivan).

Mathieson’s super scary ep looked at capitalism in the future where oxygen is soldfor profit. The writer told Aftershow host Christel Dee:

“The line I was really happy they kept was, ‘The end point of capitalism, a bottom-line where human life has no value.’ Which I really thought that, in a way, was too political but, in a way, it’s the point of the episode. The point of the episode is this is where it could end up if we’re not careful.

In a way, it’s a dark fairy tale and obviously it’s fantastical but the idea of corporations going, ‘If we could get away with it..,’ the people at the bottom of the food chain would be worth nothing. It’s only the law that’s stopping them from being that way.“

Moving on to other Doctor Who Series 10 matters, Jamie was asked who or what he thought was in The Vault, the writer joked:

“My theory is that it’s Peter Cushing from the 1960s’ Dalek films, bringing him back into continuity as the Doctor.”

Watch the latest episode of Doctor Who: The Fan Show – The Aftershow in the player below.

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