WhoSound TARDIS speakers – a new dimension in sound!

Fully scaled and beautifully designed, the WhoSounds TARDIS speaker is sure to delight all would-be Time Lords.

This high quality sound system has Bluetooth connectivity, letting you pair any smartphone or tablet to it for wireless playback, or can take audio from any device fitted with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Doctor Who fans will get a real TARDIS experience, with the LED light on the roof flashing blue and the speaker emitting the famous “vworp vworp” landing sound when pairing with a Bluetooth device.

For the more technically-minded: the TARDIS features two internal full-range speakers inside a tuned and sealed chamber, with bass provided by a separate drive unit - all powered by an integral 2.1 audio amplifier designed and optimised by an ex-Harmon Kardon sound engineer - for low distortion and high clarity.

A handy remote control lets you skip track, and adjust volume, bass and treble. The speaker also features a built-in USB port which is capable of charging smartphones and tablets.

The first units will become available in April, priced at £150 and can be pre-ordered by visiting or from BBC Shop.

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