The Thirteenth Doctor and Fourteenth Doctor action figures, coming soon

This collector’s set, with the Thirteenth Doctor from her latest adventure, and upcoming the Fourteenth Doctor, goes on presale for Doctor Who Day.

Character Options has today revealed details of its latest exclusive Doctor Who collectors set titled ‘The Regeneration Set’, which will go on delivery early January 2023.

The Doctor Who Regeneration set

The set takes its inspiration from the fantastic finale of 'The Power of the Doctor’ featuring the Thirteenth Doctor’s final story. The episode debuted on Sunday 23rd October 2022 and stunned fans and news wires alike as the face of the Fourteenth Doctor was revealed after the Thirteenth Doctor’s epic, and final battle.

This new set is a fabulous and hugely distinctive set unlike anything produced previously and will hopefully firstly surprise fans and collectors alike and then delight them with its details and uniqueness.

The figures represent a one of a kind treat for collectors, as the set contains not one but two brand new Doctor Who action figures in the 5.5 inch scale available exclusively in this set and nowhere else.

Thirteenth Doctor

The Thirteenth Doctor

First up is the Thirteenth Doctor in the ‘taunting’ multi-Doctor outfit, inspired by her past incarnations after a forced regeneration into the Master. This figure of the Thirteenth Doctor has been modified to be correct to the detailed look of the Doctor’s outfit in this story with details from the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh and Tenth Doctors’ iconic outfits replicated in detail.

Fourteenth Doctor

The Fourteenth Doctor

The second figure in the set introduces a brand new figure of the Fourteenth Doctor which features his brand new look including the head sculpt with unique hair style, as well as his outfit which features, the textured dark blue calf length coat, rumpled plaid waistcoat and trousers, heavy weave silver tie, and warm grey plimsoles. This figure also includes ball jointed shoulders for added articulation.

Al Dewar Creative Director for Character Options commented: “We all felt it was a genuine delight to see the Thirteenth Doctor’s era end on such a powerful note and as hard as it must have been to follow that, the genuine surprise reveal of her next incarnation in the form of the Fourteenth Doctor was mind blowing!

“Obviously we had a huge help from BBC Studios and Bad Wolf Studios in creating this new item and everyone has been massively invested in bringing a set to fans that really stands out as a celebration of this iconic part of Doctor Who history. We therefore cannot thank Russell T Davies, the brand team and BBC Studios enough for their huge help. It’s a real testament to everyone involved that this particular set has turned out to be such an amazing item and presented in this frankly shockingly fabulous packaging. The results speak for themselves and this is a real unique opportunity to add something truly special to your Doctor Who Collection.”

The Regeneration Set is available to pre-order online now

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