Gift Ideas across Time and Space for Doctor Who Fans

With a host of new releases and many more to come, 2023 is a very good year to be a Doctor Who fan...

With Doctor Who celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, there's a lot more than just the upcoming specials to look forward to - there are also plenty of novels, audio adventures, comics and much much more!

Looking for the perfect gift ideas this month for either yourself or the other Doctor Who fans in your life? Get them something inspired by our monthly theme, travels in time and space!

Read on for some adventures across the Whoniverse...

A Masterful audio adventure

The Time Monster

The Master intends to control Time itself in this exciting audiobook featuring the Third Doctor, Jo Grant and UNIT, read by Jon Culshaw.

Find out where to get 'Doctor Who: The Time Monster' here.

The Fourth Doctor vs a Demon?

Demon Quest

On limited edition vinyl, Demon Records presents 'Demon Quest', a full-cast audio adventure starring Tom Baker as the Doctor. Demon Quest includes five classic stories presented across 10 x 140g alternating red and black vinyl discs. Also includes a frameable print, hand signed by Tom Baker.

Find out where to get your hands on 'Demon Quest' here.

A new Robin Hood adventure

The Return of Robin Hood

The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) returns to Sherwood Forest in this incredible new crossover of Doctor Who and the legend of Robin Hood.

Find your copy of 'The Return of Robin Hood' here.

A fiery novelisation for the Doctor and Donna

Fires of Pompeii

It is AD 79, and the TARDIS lands in Pompeii on the eve of the town's destruction. Mount Vesuvius is ready to erupt and bury its surroundings in molten lava, just as history dictates. Or is it? The Doctor and Donna find that Pompeii is home to impossible things: circuits made of stone, soothsayers who read minds and fiery giants made of burning rock. From a lair deep in the volcano, these creatures plot the end of humanity - and the Doctor soon finds he has no way to win...

Order your copy of the novelisation of 'The Fires of Pompeii' here.

Missy meets young Amy Pond?

BF Eighth of March

Big Finish presents a new series of full-cast audio adventures starring Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, Michelle Gomez and Caitlin Blackwood.

In A Ghost of Alchemy, the Doctor introduces Leela to the great Marie Curie. But the time travellers are not the only people interested in the famous scientist... 

In Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden, Missy is in trouble. She’s targeted one of the Doctor’s companions to get his attention, but her timing's off. Now young Amy Pond has a strange new therapist.

Order 'Strange Chemistry' from Big Finish Productions here.


Double-Double Trouble with the Doctor(s) and Rose

Empire of the Wolf

An all-new interstellar adventure featuring the Eleventh and Eighth Doctors, appearing in comic form together for the first time!

Two Doctors. Two Rose Tylers. One imminent reality-shattering paradox. Can the Eighth and Eleventh Doctors work together to stop the Bad Wolf Empress’s diabolical machinations, and get Rose Tyler back to her own universe, before disaster strikes?

Order 'Empire of the Wolf' from Titan Comics here.

Villainous pins to show off your mean streak

Forbidden Planet pins

From every corner of the galaxy, they come for the Doctor, but never have they succeeded in their missions. Forbidden Planet, in conjunction with Titan Merchandise, are proud to release these Doctor Who monster enamel pins, all designed by Simon Grove, spanning many, many years of the Doctor's adventures.

Find the full collection of Doctor Who enamel pins from Forbidden Planet here.

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