The devil gets “a new adversary in the Doctor…” Tom Baker teases his debut Doctor Who novel

By Christel Dee

Tom Baker (who played the Fourth Doctor) and his Doctor Who co-star Ian Marter (who played companion Harry Sullivan) first conceived the idea for their very own Fourth Doctor thriller over 40 years ago. Tom Baker has revealed more details about the novel titled Doctor Who: Scratchman in an exclusive interview in Doctor Who Magazine:

“Ian and I were working on Doctor Who together, and we were friends, so of course we’d take the afternoon off and get a cab down to London to mess around in amusement arcades, playing pinball tables. That inspired another idea we had for a big scene on a pinball table. But it was as casual as that. Just two pals and we messed around.”

Scratchman is a twist on an age-old narrative. “In literature, the Devil competes with God for the soul. That’s the old story – there are thousands of versions of that.” Tom wanted to give the Devil, aka Scratchman, a new adversary in the Doctor. The Lord of Anarchy versus the Lord of Time...


Read the full exclusive interview with Tom Baker, ahead of the release of his novel Scratchman later this month, in Doctor Who Magazine issue 534, on sale Thursday 10 January.

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