Special Doctor Who stamp set unveiled

The Royal Mail has announced a special set of eleven stamps to celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.

Released on March 26 2013, the stamps will feature each of the actors who have played the role of the Doctor over the last 50 years. The stamp design will see the face of each incarnation appearing out of the iconic swirling opening credits of the TV show.

See a gallery of the designs here.

In addition to the 11 stamps featuring the Doctors, a five stamp miniature sheet will also be available, featuring the Doctor’s space and time travelling machine, the TARDIS. The remaining four stamps feature some of the Doctor’s most famous foes; a Dalek, a Cyberman, an Ood and a Weeping Angel.

Fans can pre-order the stamps by registering at (this link will take you to a site outside of our control), and from 26 March 2013, the stamps will be available online at (this link will take you to a site outside of our control), by phone on 08457 641641, and in 9000 PostOffices across the UK.

For almost 50 years, Royal Mail’s Special Stamp programme has commemorated and celebrated events and anniversaries pertinent to UK heritage and life. Her Majesty the Queen approves all UK stamp designs before they are printed.

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