Solve Hidden Mysteries in a new Apple mobile game

Join the Thirteenth Doctor and companion Yasmin Khan as they race to solve the rifts in time.

Join the Thirteenth Doctor and companion Yasmin Khan as they race to solve the rifts in time in a new apple arcade game, Hidden Mysteries.

Launching today, Doctor Who: Hidden Mysteries requires players to fix time rifts - a dangerous weakness in time and space through which people and objects can pass from one location and time to another.

Download Hidden Mysteries here

Doctor Who: Hidden Mysteries

With a unique original story, players will help the Thirteenth Doctor and Yaz fix the time rift by solving mini-games, collecting objects to complete critical missions, and uncover hidden puzzles.

Doctor Who: Hidden Mysteries includes an array of unique stories, puzzles and missions, including:

  • Original narrative - Each area begins with an entirely new and rich story that will evolve as players help the Thirteenth Doctor fix time rifts.
  • Out of this universe puzzles - Players will explore unique areas and solve riddling puzzles in order to obtain objects needed to progress through the story.
An Unlikely Heist
  • Mini games - Once players acquire the necessary objects in a given mission, they’ll have to solve distinct puzzles in order to complete the mission and fix the time-rift.
  • Plenty of exciting events - Players will encounter different events each week offering competitive time-limited challenges with unique rewards.
  • Many more secrets to discover!
An Unlikely Heist

This new hidden object mystery mobile game Doctor Who: Hidden Mysteries, is available now on Apple Arcade.

Download Hidden Mysteries here

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