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Mark Gatiss teases 'new kind' of Ice Warrior in Series 10

By Cameron K McEwan

Writer Mark Gatiss has revealed this story for Doctor Who Series 10 will feature the return of much-loved villains, the Ice Warriors.

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In a video posted on the Doctor Who YouTube channel, Gatiss described them as his “favourite monsters”. On the episode itself, Mark commented:

“It’s a thrill-a-minute, a sort of Bank Holiday Monday feel - the kind of Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs story of derring-do which I’ve always loved.

But it has a new twist. There is a new Ice Warrior in it.

A new kind of Ice Warrior.

Watch the video below.

Check out a brief episode guide to the Ice Warriors below:

The Ice Warriors (1967)

The Seeds of Death (1969)

The Curse of Peladon (1972)

The Monster of Peladon (1974)

Cold War (2013)

Eagle-eyed fans will have noticed brief appearances from them in The War Games (1969), The Mind of Evil (1971) and Face the Raven (2015).

Big Finish, the producers of Doctor Who audio adventures, have also released numerous stories featuring the Ice Warriors - their most recent coming in 2013, Lords of the Red Planet.

Doctor Who Series 10 debuts April 15, 2017

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