Make a monster egg for Easter with Doctor Who Adventures!

Doctor Who Adventures magazine shows readers how to make the perfect monster egg for Easter. You’ll be able to scare your mates with a rotten Zygon egg or a cracking Weeping Angel. Or perhaps you’d prefer to make a Dal-egg to egg-sterminate your enemies?

The team has come up with some eggs-cellent designs to inspire young Doctor Who fans during the holidays – and want to see what readers come up with. So, hard-boil some eggs and check out the latest issue, out now!

You’ll also find:

  • Fun with the Alien Babies!
  • Pictures from filming the new series.
  • Strax’s guide to the Daleks.
  • Remember the Scarecrows? Find out all their secrets!
  • Learn how to draw the Doctor.
  • Win loads of cool things!
  • A pull-out puzzle section.
  • Behind the scenes on The Name of the Doctor.
  • An exciting comic strip featuring an unseen adventure with the Eleventh Doctor and Clara.

Issue 343, on sale 9 April – 22 April. The issue comes with three free monster bouncers, 25 stickers plus 3 posters and loads of monster fun! Don’t miss it.

» Doctor Who Adventures is published fortnightly, and can be found in shops or digitally (iTunes | Google Play | Zinio).

Doctor Who Adventures Easter Issue

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