Listen to the ‘Revolution of the Daleks’ soundtrack now

The soundtrack for the Doctor Who New Year’s Day special, Revolution of the Daleks, is now available on all digital services.

You can stream or download the soundtrack to Revolution of the Daleks here


Composer, Segun Akinola, who has composed the score for Series 11 and Series 12 of Doctor Who, said:

“Revolution of the Daleks is an emotional rollercoaster full of action, tension, old friends, old enemies and some heartfelt goodbyes, all of which are accompanied by music that utilises many of the musical themes from Series 11 and Series 12, and very often moves from a solo cello to orchestra, and much more in-between. It’s a ‘special’ in every sense of the word which I hope those who’ve enjoyed listening to the Series 11 and 12 albums will love. So, if that’s you, thank you - this album is dedicated to you!”

The track listing for Revolution of the Daleks is:

  1. 367 Minutes
  2. A Cuppa
  3. Something Revolutionary
  4. Breakout Ball
  5. The Clone
  6. The Production Line
  7. Stability and Security
  8. Thank You for Being My Friend
  9. Activate
  10. The Death Squad
  11. Bad Boys
  12. Bye Fam

You can stream or download the soundtrack to Revolution of the Daleks here

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