How do you defeat a Dalek?

As deadly as they are iconic, the Daleks are one of the Doctor’s oldest enemies, and for good reason. The Daleks only want one thing from you, your extermination. Sure, they might offer you something else, but that’ll just be a scheme to get what they want from you. After you’ve given them what they want? You’ve guessed it. Exterminate!

So, if you find yourself pitted against the Daleks, don’t panic. You can survive against them! In fact, if you use one of the methods from this list, there’s an excellent chance that you could defeat the Daleks, just like the Doctor.


Use their technology against them

Another perfect example of this is when the Doctor first encountered the Dalek Emperor. He inverted the circuitry on the Dalek’s system for instilling humans with ‘the Dalek factor’. Instead of creating humans with the traits of the Daleks, the Daleks were given the best features of humanity. Which lead to, well, another excellent Dalek busting plan…

Pit them against each other

One method of doing this is two find two factions of the killer pepper pots who hate each other. This might not be as hard a task as it initially appears. Dalek’s racism extends to other Daleks. If a Dalek believes another does not have 100% Dalek DNA, it sees it as not a ‘real’ Dalek, and the energy blasts start flying. A whole Dalek civil war was fought over this.

Failing that, you might need to alter the Dalek on a fundamental level. The Second Doctor added the human factor, the Twelfth Doctor showed Rusty the Dalek the majesty of the universe. In both instances, these mind-altered Daleks fought back against the rest of the Daleks.

Pitch them against someone else

The Mechanoids are spherical robots who could hold their own in a direct firefight with the Daleks. Unlike the Daleks, the Mechanoids can understand concepts like beauty, and won’t try to kill you for not being one of them. If you need back-up against the Daleks, you could do a lot worse than the Mechanoids.

Bury them

Jettison them into a black hole

Explosion of the Daleks

A tried and tested tactic by the Doctor. They’ve used explosions to deal with a wide range of Daleks, from a lone drone to blowing up entire planets overrun with Daleks in Asylum of the Daleks and Remembrance of the Daleks. If you have the means, this is a solid go-to method to defeat a Dalek!

If all else fails, absorb the Time Vortex


As Dalek beating plans go, this will absolutely work. Yet, there’s a reason this is at the end of this list, and that’s because it should only be done as a last resort. On the plus side, you’re able to tear whole Dalek fleets apart atom-by-atom, but on the downside, and it’s a massive down side, it will kill you. When Rose used to this method, the Doctor had to take the vortex’s energy from her and regenerate to survive.

But how will the Doctor defeat the Daleks in Eve of the Daleks? Find out on New Year's Day!

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