The History of the Timeless Child

Despite being a mysterious figure, there were certain truths we all thought we know about the Doctor: Their first incarnation was the one we met in Totter’s Yard, they were from Gallifrey - and we’d seen all their faces.

However, it turns out the Doctor’s past is a bigger mystery than any of us could have suspected. Two years ago, along with the Doctor, we learned the truth about the Timeless Child - and the show would never be the same again…

The First Mention
The Ghost Monument

An attempt to track down the TARDIS went horribly wrong when the Doctor and her newfound friends found themselves floating unprotected in the vacuum of space! Despite being rescued, their day continued to go downhill when they were taken to the ominously named world of Desolation.

Caught in a desperate race to the TARDIS, the Doctor and her new fam had to face the Remnants, who had a message for her. And little did the Doctor know, but this adventure would set off a chain of events that would challenge everything she knew about herself...

The Lie of the Time Lords...?
Spyfall - Part 2

After a tense time-jumping reunion with the Master, the Doctor was left alone with a burning question - what happened to Gallifrey?

Smashing through the Time Vortex into the pocket universe where Gallifrey hides, the Doctor arrived on her home planet to discover a burning wreck where the Citadel of the Time Lords once stood. As she and the TARDIS mourned, a message from the Master appeared - in which he admitted responsibility for the destruction, seeking a final vengeance against his fellow Time Lords. He tells the Doctor that everything they know about their race is "built on the lie of the Timeless Child"; a phrase which triggers an inexplicable flashback in the Doctor's mind, and leaves her with even more questions...

Facing her Past (Literally)
Fugitive of the Judoon

On the surface, it seemed like any other adventure for the TARDIS team: Judoon stomping round Gloucester, looking for a fugitive - it’s time to swoop in and save the day!

However, unbeknownst to the Doctor, her past had finally caught up with her. In attempting to uncover why the Judoon were so interested in the seemingly human Ruth Clayton, the Doctor was brought face to face with another of her incarnations. A Doctor supposedly from her past. A Doctor she couldn’t remember…

Glimpses of History
Can You Hear Me?

During her confrontation with two Eternals, the Doctor ended up at the mercy of Zellin, who had the power to feed off nightmares. Zellin presented the Doctor with a familiar nightmare of her own: She saw a child, abandoned next to an ancient structure, with some kind of energy field pulsating above them.

She now knew what the Child looked like; but who they were, and why they were so important remained a mystery. That is, right up until her next confrontation with the Master…

The Truth Revealed
The Timeless Children

Held by the Master in the ruins of Gallifrey, the Doctor was finally forced to learn the truth about the Timeless Child. The very bedrock of a Time Lord’s ability to regenerate, the Child had been discovered alone by the Shobogan explorer Tecteun, who experimented upon her. Once Tectuen had extracted the Child’s ability to regenerate, the Time Lords were born; but engineered to regenerate a maximum of 12 times. Meanwhile, the Child was put to work for the Division - a secret organisation that interfered in history.

No one yet knows where the Timeless Child came from, or their true identity. We only know the identity that have chosen to live by since: The Doctor.

Confronting the Division
Survivors of the Flux

Now that she knew the truth, the Doctor began the hunt to discover anything she could about the Division. Her investigations brought her into contact with Karvanista, a former Division operative; and swept her up into the fight against the Ravagers. The Ravagers were ancient enemies of the Doctor, who she’d dealt with during her days working with the Division.

In the race to stop the Ravagers - and the universe-ending phenomenon known only as the Flux - the Doctor was reunited with the woman who had found her all those years ago…

The Fob Watch
The Vanquishers

The Doctor's heated reunion with Tecteun was made even more difficult when she realised that her adoptive 'mother' had been holding onto a Time Lord fob watch - a Chameleon Arch - that supposedly held all of the Doctor's memories of her time at Division and beyond.

After a final face-off with the Ravagers, who taunted her with the memories contained within the watch, a victorious Doctor claimed it for herself. However, already plagued by the consequences of a past she couldn't remember, the Doctor chose to hand the watch over to the TARDIS, asking that it remain hidden from her "Unless I really ask for it".

And so the question of who the Doctor really is remains a mystery - for now...

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