Doctor Who


Can You Hear Me?

Written by Charlene James and Chris Chibnall
Story 293 | Series 12

Doctor Who
Episode TitlePremiere Date
Can You Hear Me?09/02/2020

From ancient Syria, to present day Sheffield, and out into the wilds of space, something is stalking the Doctor and her friends. As Graham, Yaz and Ryan return home to see friends and family, they find themselves haunted by very different experiences. Who is the figure calling from beyond the stars for help, and why? And what are the fearsome Chagaskas terrorising Aleppo in 1380? To find the answers, Team TARDIS must embark on a mission which forces them to face their darkest fears.

You’re wrong about humans. They’re not pathetic, they’re magnificent. They live with their fears, doubts, guilts. They face them down every day and they prevail. That’s not weakness. That’s strength. That’s what humanity is.

The Thirteenth Doctor


Trailer: Can You Hear Me?


The DoctorJodie Whittaker
Graham O'BrienBradley Walsh
Yasmin KhanMandip Gill
Ryan SinclairTosin Cole
ZellinIan Gelder
TiboBuom Tihngang
RakayaClare-Hope Ashitey
Grace O'BrienSharon D Clarke
Sonya KhanBhavnisha Parmar
TahiraAruhan Galieva
MaryamSirine Saba
Anita PatelNasreen Hussain
GabrielEveral A Walsh
FredMichael Keane
MumAmanda Liberman
Old TiboWillie Jonah
AndrewAnthony Taylor
WriterCharlene James
WriterChris Chibnall
DirectorEmma Sullivan
Executive ProducerMatt Strevens
Executive ProducerChris Chibnall
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